What is CEn-Calc?

CEn-Calc is a comprehensive software solution that empowers companies to measure, manage and reduce their carbon emissions. It provides the necessary tools, data and insights to support sustainability initiatives, compliance requirements and stakeholder expectations, leading to a more sustainable and resilient business.

How CEn-Calc Works

Input data from multiple sources such as meter readings, utility bills, supplier invoices, expenses, fuel cards, commuter surveys, waste transfer notes or even the number of bin bags!

Provides robust, repeatable, comparable and easily auditable results that will give you insight and control over your organisation’s carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Supports legal compliance against obligations such as SECR; ESOS; PPN 06/21; and TCFD, as well as voluntary objectives such as net-zero, PAS2060, CDP, SBTi amongst many others.

Benefits of CEn-Calc


  • Easy to use software that doesn’t require prior experience or subject matter expertise.
  • Follow a simple and logical flow with evidence upload and management incorporated.
  • Calculate an accurate, up-to-date carbon footprint and energy profile.
  • Easily audit the input and output for completeness, correctness and consistency.
  • Allows better utilisation of consultancy time on supporting strategy and systems.


  • Provide access and delegate input and tasks to relevant, responsible individuals.
  • Easily enter data from multiple sites, in multiple volumetric units from varied sources.
  • Quickly review high-level data with compliance values easily to hand.
  • Access and download results in a consistent, flexible format that can be utilised and manipulated, if required, to meet numerous operational and reporting requirements.


  • Competitive, reasonable and flexible pricing that scales with customer size and needs.
  • Cost effective option for customers and businesses struggling to meet the full cost of internally researching and/or, resourcing expertise or engaging consultants.
  • Automatic annual renewal.

Key Features

CEn-Calc was initially developed as an in-house tool for leading sustainability consultants, before being made externally available to both direct clients and other consultancy providers.

This means that it has been designed to meet UK environmental compliance obligations; to support ISO 50001 Energy Management and ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Quantification management systems; and to meet the internal energy and carbon management needs of individual organisations.

Empowers businesses to take control of their emissions calculations by enabling them to identify their significant emissions sources and monitor the effects of carbon emission reduction initiatives to support their compliance and internal reporting obligations.

Provide robust, repeatable, comparable and easily auditable results that can be exported to Excel-based software solutions to support compliance and internal reporting functions.

Our Journey So Far

The consultants’ tool of choice developed from practical application


Originally developed by a leading UK based sustainability consultancy as an in-house tool for their consultants to use when compiling greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, carbon footprints, energy profiles and for utilisation in compliance activities such as ESOS, SECR, ISO, net-zero and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting activities.


Based on requests and feedback from clients as well as interest from other reputable sustainability consultants specialising in carbon footprinting, CEn-Calc was made externally available in an Excel format.


In collaboration with several highly experienced partners, including live client testers, methodology validators, data analysts and a peer review board, CEn-Calc began its transition to the cloud as a SaaS model.


CEn-Calc launched to an open market.